First United Methodist Church of Dallas Education Wing Renovation

Project Brief

The 4-story Education Wing was in need of a renovation in order to better equip the children and youth as they learn and grow, and to better serve and connect the neighbors and community. Project goals included relocating administrative workspace to a unified location and providing more efficient and flexible children and youth ministry spaces, along with multipurpose spaces to accommodate a variety of activities. The HVAC system also received an overhaul to meet current standards. A priority throughout this work was to celebrate original architectural features by preserving, revealing, and at times replicating these unique elements. Ceilings were lifted to original heights and many previously-boarded windows were revealed and restored, offering increased natural light and quality to the affected spaces. These newly renovated floors now have the ability to be utilized every day of the week to serve beyond their walls to the full potential.


  • Location: Dallas, Texas
  • Duration: 10 Months Construction
  • Type: Interior Renovation
  • Size: 46,284 ft2

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